This remote-controlled life buoy is revolutionizing lifesaving

Not much has changed in the 300 years since the original lifesaving device was invented, Luckily for us, like everything else it touches, technology is changing the way we save lives. That’s right, innovative products like USafe take advantage of the latest technologies to bring us the future of water safety.

Statistics show that nearly 1.2 million people die by drowning every single year, making it one of the leading causes of death around the world. The need to combine clever innovation and technology to help save lives around the world is clear to all.

U SAFE is a self-propelled, remote-controlled life saving device that quickly reaches casualties without exposing first responders to danger. U SAFE can be used to either bring casualties back to safety or act as floating device until further help arrives.

Controlled by a simple to operate joystick, U SAFE combines a robust design with light-weight materials to overcome even the most difficult of weather conditions. U SAFE is capable of top speeds that reach 15 km/h and is operable for up to 30 minutes on a full battery.

U SAFE is patented in more than 69 countries and counting, and uses creativity and innovation to further its noble mission to save lives, all around the world. Its creators are a water-loving group of sailors, ocean racers, surf lifesavers and professional mariners — so they definitely know a thing or two about the risks and dangers of the water.

U SAFE is now available for shipping! Order now and receive the U SAFE rescue buoy including everything you need to operate it:
- Navigation and guidance system, battery pack and impeller drive units.
- Remote control, paired to your U SAFE buoy
- Induction charging unit
- Access to the app which includes performance analytics and real-time battery level