The Tech Behind the Lifebuoy That’s Revolutionizing Lifesaving

U SAFE — winner of the prestigious DAME Award 2019 at this year’s METSTRADE show — isn’t your average life buoy. This self-propelled, remote controlled life buoy is designed for fast and accurate lifesaving in any weather condition. U SAFE can be used to either bring casualties back to safety or act as floating device until further help arrives.

While it might be orange and float in water — the similarities between U SAFE and regular life buoys end right there. U SAFE’s inventors have added technological innovations that are winning awards and making waves around the world.

U SAFE doesn’t stop when it capsizes. U SAFE’s u-shaped hull makes use of two advanced turbines that were designed so that the device operates regardless of which side is up when thrown into the water. This means that even if it gets pounded and flipped over in rough weather conditions, U SAFE won’t stop on its mission to save casualties in the water.

U SAFE keeps first responders safe. High levels of mobility and operability means that U SAFE is effective in rough weather conditions and near rocky terrain that might otherwise endanger first responders.

U SAFE is so easy to operate, anyone can use it. Advanced navigation, guidance and control systems make U SAFE so easy to operate that even first time users can save lives with no prior training.

U SAFE is small and easy to stowaway. Compact and lightweight, U SAFE dimensions are 80 cm by 100 cm and it weighs in at 13kg , making it highly convenient to store in even the tightest of places.

U SAFE is now available for shipping! Order now and receive the U SAFE life buoy including everything you need to operate it:
- Navigation and guidance system, battery pack and impeller drive units.
- Remote control, paired to your U-Safe buoy
- Induction charging unit
- Access to the app which includes performance analytics and real-time battery level Click here to get yours now. To learn more about U SAFE, click here.